wilkommen Freunde der Spiritualität und der Natur  welcome friends of nature and ecological lifestyl  SOLARIS©

gathering 2015 august olympos turkey  1 km to the sea

academy of shamanic  and overnatural-sciences


I wish a wonderful first EMBRACE OF YEAR 2015 Last vision comes to THE new age

my intension I had since I was born

clairvoyant parents (and have the )with their task to –TEACH(ING) AND LEARN(ING)

live with love and with diamonds and colorful rainbow people

therefore needed a family our time so many YEARS TIME seek found


OUR goal

I’ll do it anyway if  you want with you or others elsewhere or at FRIENDS Comune villages, spiritual teacher from DIAMOND TEACHERS

I see them differently and everyday contact my master many of my honoured teachers personally I had the honour to see and meet them and learned my time is long since never finished teaching and learnings still with light and starseed children ,

gathering time soon

we need helping hands

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